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Selected paintings

Sol rojo (Red sun)1967Oil65x50jpeg (19 KB)
El militar y la rubia (The soldier and the blonde)1965Oil on paper61x49jpeg (20 KB)
Hombre y perro (Man and dog)1974Oil on canvas59x81jpeg (45 KB)
Tierno amor de sobremesa (Tender after-dinner love)1979Oil on canvas97x146jpeg (33 KB)
Jardín interior (Inner garden)1981Oil on canvas114x146jpeg (28 KB)
Tempus fugit 1992Oil on canvas97x130jpeg (41 KB)
Mediterránea (Mediterranean)1994Oil on canvas97x130jpeg (29 KB)
Y ascenderán con majestad (And they will rise with majesty)1995Oil on cardboard75x105jpeg (42 KB)
Espejo (Mirror)1995Oil on cardboard105x75jpeg (18 KB)