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Throughout three days of shooting in his studio, and starting from the idea of the absence of the artist, the documentary tries to approach to his painting, in order to know more about both the artistic work and the person.

In the video appear the testimonies of Angel Azpeitia (President of the National Association of Art Critics - Spain, and university professor of Art History), Antón Castro (Writer and journalist) and José Luis Rodríguez (Writer and Philosophy professor at the University of Zaragoza - Spain), testimonies giving the fundamental clues to understand the paintings of Eugenio Estrada.

This video was produced shortly after the first anniversary of the artist's death. This is a co-production of the Estrada family and the I.C.E. (Institute of Educational Sciences) of the University of Zaragoza - Spain. The work of Javier Paricio in the video reserves a special note, since he develops a superb work as the director and script writer.

This documentary has been broadcasted by TVE 2 (channel 2 of the Spanish Public Broadcasting Corporation), on the 16 December 1997, in the program "La aventura del saber" (The adventure of knowing). The video has also been broadcasted several times, locally, by the private channel Antena Aragón in its series "Retratos" (Portraits).

Data Sheet

Title : "Eugenio Estrada, el jardín interior" (Eugenio Estrada, the inner garden).
Length : 14 minutes 56 seconds.
Script : Javier Paricio.
Camera Operator: José Torres.
Assistant Camera Operator : Ignacio Fernández.
Sound Mixer: Jose Luis Martín.
Graphic Design : Pilar Sebastián.
Director of Production : Alberto Estrada.
Production Assistant : Carlos Estrada.
Assistant Director : Carmen Lafuente.
Director : Javier Paricio.